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Beloved Administrator Starts Legal Action Against Embattled Charter School

Attorney Tiega Varlack, of Varlack Legal Services in Hayward, represents Jamil Wells in her claim for wrongful termination against her former employer, TEAM Charter Schools in Stockton. Ms. Wells contends that she was fired after she complained to a government agency that TEAM had violated HIPPA laws. TEAM staff members harassed and retaliated against Ms. Wells after her complaint became the subject of an investigation. As an administrator, Ms. Wells always put the safety of her students and staff first, especially during a global pandemic. Something that her superiors did not do. When staff was sent home during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ms. Wells and two other women, all of African American descent, were forced to stay on campus. At that time, COVID-19 was disproportionately affecting communities of color. It was unjustified that the only three staff who were forced to remain on campus were African American, while everyone else was able to work from home. For more information about this claim, Ms. Wells requests that all questions and comments be directed to her attorneys at Varlack Legal Services at (510) 397-2008 or at

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