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Peter Wen

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Peter Wen graduated from Shanghai University of Political Science and Law and earned his bachelor’s degree, then passed the China Judicial Examination, which has an approximate pass rate of 10%. Upon completion, he earned a Masters of Law degree from University of Southern California (USC), and earned a Business and Entertainment Law certificate. He received the LL.M. Merit scholarship while at USC.

In Shanghai, he worked at the Allbright Offices, which is the biggest law firm in Shanghai, China. His supervisor was the Senior Partner. The Fortune 500 Company, Ricoh Company, Ltd. and Grifols Diagnostic Solutions Inc. were his clients. At that office, he drafted and reviewed contracts, assisted with mergers & acquisitions, translated legal documents to both Chinese and English, and drafted Articles of Incorporation. The Senior Partners praised him for his diligence and hard work.

With Varlack Legal Services, he drafts legal documents such as pleadings, memorandums, contracts, and form interrogatories. In addition, he reviews different kinds of contracts, drafts demand letters and gives legal advice to clients. He is fluent and works proficiently in both English and Chinese.

Tiega-Noel Varlack

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